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SISAI comes from place. SISAI is open, crossing generations and a long heritage, crossing borders and bringing about new music rooted in family and love for sound. SISAI has a long trajectory of carrying all of these parts as one whole, traversing North and South America, through decades, opening minds and hearts with a sound so beautiful, so rooted in place, that it can be mistaken for no other. The intersection of tradition and moving towards a new sound is where SISAI currently sits, poised to bring a new wave of music beyond the grassroots, hometown delivery of its past, delving into a digital world that will allow us to bring a fuller experience to our faithful listeners, and expand our audiences to bring Indigenous culture to the forefront of the music industry.

Founded in 1994, with a history spanning hundreds of years before that, SISAI has its roots in Otavalo, Ecuador. In 1991 founder Jose Muenala Anguaya met Suzanne Reed in Otavalo, and not long after traveled for the first time to the States to perform. The traditional sound was so well received that it began a three decade career, bringing Kichwa Indigenous music to people and venues throughout the US, with countless albums sold, creating an established audience that has made Andean music part of their lives.

SISAI, which means to bloom or to blossom in the Kichwa language, was born with the purpose of the continual blossoming of traditional culture. Joining with our newest members, the next generation in our family that will continue this tradition with us, we look forward to greater support and a fan base that will continue to value the Indigenous culture that we work so hard to express through music.

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